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A national service specializing in the insurance, administration and billing needs of Podiatric Practices.

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The Podiatric Billing Specialists draw from years of experience in order to streamline your practice. We have partnered with other companies to create podiatric-specific solutions at greater discounts to you.

Find out how our PodiatryTemplates™ make e-prescribing even easier.
Buy PodiatryTemplates™ today and take advantage of Medicare Rebates for PQRI. More.
Call our Electronic Medical Record department now!

Motion Computing Tablets
The Podiatric Billing Specialists have teamed up with Seneca Data to customize office computing systems for Podiatric Practices.
• Time-saving systems.
• Economical solutions.
• Pay less than standard retail pricing.



Sales, Support and Training
We not only offer sales, but complete training and support for all products. Call us today, pay less and get more.1-814-231-0130


Podiatry Specific EHR Solutions
We offer several different EHR solutions that, while simple to use, are optimized to increase both your time and revenue using our PodiatryTemplates© EHR-enhancing software.
• Ready to Use Out-Of-The-Box
• Product Training and Support
• Templated Content for Podiatrists
• One-click Functionality
• Automated & Optimized Superbill
• Lowest Pricing, Guaranteed!





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