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About Podiatry Templates
Dr. Mark J. Klein, DPM

I was excited to find PodiatryTemplates™ developed by The Podiatric Billing Specialists for the Allscripts MyWay EHR. Initially we used the program without podiatric content. I can tell you there is no comparison. They delivered and installed as promised. After using the program with the PodiatryTemplates™, we found it far more intuitive, making it very pleasant to use, the ease of use saved in training time. Their content delivered valuable clinical information, and their knowledge of podiatry coding and modifiers provides a valuable savings. All podiatry MyWay users will find the PodiatryTemplates™ to be an unbelievable value. The Podiatric Billing Specialists did exactly what was needed to create the podiatry specific EHR our specialty has been looking for."

TPBS provides a support service for PodiatryTemplates™ to Dr. Klein.

Dr. Jones

"Wow! What a time saver!
PodiatryTemplates™ has greater usability making Medinotes even better. It reduces excessive clicking and eliminates my searching for documentation items in endless windows or pop ups. I find that it aids in my billing as well. The coding is very thorough and I no longer have to link modifiers.

What's more, the customer service is great. Every podiatrist should have PodiatryTemplates™."

TPBS provides a support service for PodiatryTemplates™ to Dr. Jones.

Central Pennsylvania

"I survived my first audit after using the PodiatryTemplates™ with flying colors. What a lifesaver!"

TPBS provides a support service for PodiatryTemplates™.

About our Billing Services

"Prior to my meeting with The Podiatric Billing Specialists, I was literally on the computer at the office daily. Now, it has been a few months since I've had the opportunity to sit in front of it. I am networking and treating my patients as I need to be doing and generating income. Your advertising claim is true! My office revenues have increased 50% since TPBS has taken over my billing headaches [smile]."

TPBS provides a 'Direct Billing' service to this podiatrist.

Dr. Jim Marks

"Having been in practice for over 30 years and with 25 of those years having an inside billing department (2 full time, 1 part time staffing)... I am now a firm believer in outsourcing to people who are experts in their field.

I took several months and after personally interviewing several billing companies, some even cheaper in pricing,nationally and locally, however; hands down TPBS has been the best decision we ever made almost a year ago. They keep their promises and go beyond what is expected of them. For example, they have been a huge help in insurance applications and re-credentialing. All of our billing complaints from patients have ceased. Our office phones are now freed up to see more patients and get more people back on their feet with our expert care. That is what we do best.

If you think about it, you won't have to get stressed out if an employee doesn't show up for work, plus you don't have to deal with being a 'boss'. To stay abreast of the rules and regs, you need a full time person just to keep you compliant.

So the answer to your question - they are solid, the real deal and I say, 'Do it now!'

PS. I have no financial interest in this company. TPBS took us from paycheck to paycheck to now being able to save, invest, and have future freedom."

Dr. Mark E. Wintersteen
Wintersteen Foot and Ankle Associates

"I have been amazed at the improvement of my practice since partnering with The Podiatric Billing Specialists. Their services have been invaluable. My staff and patients are very happy. I have been able to focus on growing my practice and feel confident to leave my insurance headaches in their professional hands. I would not hesitate recommending them to anyone."

TPBS provides a 'Direct Billing' service to Wintersteen Foot and Ankle Associates. TPBS appraised an additional practice for purchase, assisted with financing, and currently provides Practice Management, Credentialing, Finance Consulting, Claims Audit. TPBS increased return by 24%.

Philadelphia, PA

"The Podiatric Billing Specialists are efficient, professional and very effective. They cleared a backlog of billing issues and collected over $50,000 in the first month of our contract. You can imagine how pleased I was."

TPBS provides a 'Direct Billing' service to this podiatrist.



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